German Gonzalez Garrido graduated from University of Buenos Aires in 2002 and has over 14 years of experience in Design, Visualization, Entrepreneurship and Photography.

In 1999 he founded Proyecto Digital. The company has successfully collaborated in design and visualization projects in Argentina, Spain, Germany and China.

In 2009 he created Fotocalle, a StreetView like service for registration of cities and roads for asset inventory.

In 2012 he created XLmuseum, a virtual museum APP to increase  museum´s geographic reach. The system allowed new web visitors to walk trough the museums and access information about every visible piece.  XLmuseum has successfully collaborated with the Ministry of Culture of Spain in the creation of virtual museums. The platform allowed intitutions to manage content of every visible piece and get insight from visitors experience.

Germán´s last venture was RiverScan, a mobile mapping solution that enables cost-efficient registration of rivers and waterways for preservation and restoration.

Germán has a passion for Design, Photography and Technology. He believes that creativity, an innovative spirit, hard work, and cross collaboration are essential for expansion, excellence and success.

In his spare time, Germán loves designing and building lamps and toys.