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I have built this LED COLOR MIXER for my kids using an empty Nesquick Can, a LED stripe and a 3 channel RGB Dimmer. My kids love to mix colors and change intensity. They also use it as a Night Light.


  • Empty Nesquick or milk can
  • 5m RGB led stripe 5050
  • RGB 3 channel Dimmer. You can get one in Ebay por less than € 10.-
  • 12v Female jack with screw nut
  • AC LED Power connector 5A


  1. Paint the can in matte black or any color of your choice
  2. Stick the LED stripe around the can
  3. Drill a hole in the can to wire the leds inside the can
  4. Fix the can and the dimmer on a wood board using screws
  5. Make the connections following the instructions than comes with the Dimmer
  6. Connect power and have fun!

Note: You can also use a 12V battery to avoid wires. It is safer and allow your kids to take the lamp everywhere.

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